Trial Lawyers with a History

Every lawsuit is different. So are client goals. That’s why effective communication is so important. From investigation to discovery, settlement or trial, our attorneys at Reding & Pilney, PLLP are trained to identify the unique issues of each case in order to provide early evaluation and guidance to clients. We believe that clients are best served when they can make informed decisions at every stage of litigation.  Whether the case involves personal injury, a major construction dispute or other legal matter, because of their training and experience, our attorneys are just as skilled in the art of negotiation as the art of advocacy.

Our firm has its origins in the 1960's when founder Jim Reding began the firm in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Mark Pilney joined the firm as an attorney in 1986 and Jay Reding in 1988. In 1996, the firm was renamed Reding & Pilney, PLLP. The firm has, throughout its long history, been involved in providing outstanding legal services to its clients, litigating cases in Minnesota (both the Twin Cities metro area and out-state areas) and Western Wisconsin.
Partners Mark Pilney, Jay Reding and Andrew Brown have over 80 years of combined experience as civil trial lawyers. Since 1996, the firm has grown to to respond to the increasing needs of our clients. Our attorneys handle commercial litigation and construction disputes on a daily basis. We have successfully resolved hundreds of construction disputes through settlement, motion practice, arbitration, trial and appeal.  We also have attorneys experienced in every aspect of personal injury litigation including no-fault, automobile injuries, premises liability, product liability and wrongful death.

At Reding & Pilney, PLLP our clients have the additional benefit of hiring attorneys who are licensed and actively practicing in Wisconsin as well as Minnesota. Because of our firm’s location on the eastern edge of the Twin Cities, we are uniquely qualified to effectively and efficiently handle lawsuits throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.